What are the classifications of labeling machines on the market?

Labeling machine is a machine that sticks labels (adhesive labels, plastic labels, paper labels) on products. Labeling machines are an integral part of modern packaging.Below I will briefly introduce some labeling machines on the market and how to classify them.

1.According to the label material

(1) The hot melt adhesive labeling machine uses bopp material plastic label. The reference product for labeling, such as Pepsi Cola, is only a little glued at the joint of the label, and there is no glue in the rest. This labeller equipment can be made into a rotary and linear type. the rotary roll fed labeling machine is not only very fast, but also suitable for the labeling of square bottles, flat bottles and round bottles, so the price is relatively expensive. The linear hot melt labeling machine is suitable for low and medium products with an output of 18000BPH and is only suitable for labeling round bottles, so the cost performance is relatively high. The hot melt adhesive labeling machine can be used for the labeling of beverage products such as mineral water and carbonated drink.

(2) The self-adhesive labeling machine is the mainstream labeling machine in the market, which is more economical. The labeling machine uses self-adhesive labels, which have a wide range of applications. It can not only realize the side or plane single labeling or corner labeling of square bottles or flat bottles or box, but also realize the circumferential positioning of round bottles. Single or double label sticking function . A product labeled with a self-adhesive labeling machine can be seen everywhere in the supermarket. The application industry covers almost the whole industry.

(3) Wet glue labeling machine, also known as glue labeling machine, the label material is paper material, and the paste is evenly coated on the label paper through the paste brushing mechanism. It is suitable for plastic bottles or glass bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The paste labeling of cylindrical containers, such as our soy sauce bottles, red wine bottles, are pasted by cold glue labeling machines.

2.According to the degree of automation of the labeling machine

(1) The biggest feature of the semi-automatic labeling machine is that it cannot be connected to the production line and requires manual operation. Manually hold the products to be labeled and put them into the labeling machine station, and then drive the labeling by touching the switch button. Mainly for small batch products or difficult to automate labeling.

(2) Fully automatic labeling machine is connected to the production line, without manual operation, the product automatically enters the labeling station, automatic labeling, automatic detection, automatic bar-code or date printing system, and automatic transmission to the next process. fully automatic labeling machines are suitable for production lines with a high degree of automation or high production requirements

3.According to the working form of the labeling machine

(1) The linear labeling machine means that the conveyor belt is in a straight line, and the products go straight to labeling. It is also the most widely used labeling machine on the market, with simple operation and affordable price.

(2) Rotary labeling machine is fast speed, which is used for fast labeling in the daily chemical, wine and beverage industries

4.According to the shape of the labeling product

(1) Round bottle labeling machine hot melt glue labeling machine is suitable for PET bottle labeling in the beverage industry. It is characterized by high speed and high price, and is suitable for high-volume product applications.

(2) Rotary fixed-point positioning labeling machine is suitable for all-round self-adhesive label labeling of square containers such as beverages, medicines, mineral water, and food.

(3) Labeling machine for circular products, such as plastic bottles, red wine, cans, PET bottles, etc.

(4) Flat labeling machine do labeling for flat products, such as cartons, square boxes, A4 paper, plastic bags, etc.

(5) Side labeling machine, double-sided labeling machine for square bottles, round bottles and flat products.

(6) Horizontal labeling machine do labeling for small round bottles that are unstable in standing, such as oral liquid bottles, reagent tubes, ampoules, eye drop bottles, etc.

I hope the above introduction can help you understand the labeling machine correctly and choose the right labeling machine


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