Ukraine customer interested in 5-gallon cap labeling sealing machine and cap lining machine

Inquiry received:

Hello Shanghai Consung Intelligent Technology Team,

We are interested in the following models of 5 gallon non-spill water cap labeling sealing machines:

1.5 gallon non-spill water cap labeling sealing machine Product Item: TB-004

2.5 gallon non-spill water cap labeling sealing machine Product Item: TB-002

3.5 gallon non-spill water cap liner machine Product Item: TB-008

 Please, quote FOB or EXW price and provide packing data.


Background of the customer:

They are specialized in the wholesale and retail of 5-gallon water dispenser, floor water dispenser and desktop drinking fountains. Also dealing with the 5-gallon water in Ukraine.

As you can see the customer has a clearly request to the 5 gallon cap machines. TB-002 and TB-004 are two model of our 5 gallon cap labeling machine, with different capacity. Another TB-008 is the cap lining machine/wadding machine, which is used to apply the foam inside the caps.

We have quote the machines to customer, and recommend the model TB-004 which is equipped with a cap elevator, and 4 head labeling, capacity is around 5000 pcs/hour.It is also the most popular among our customer.You can see the attached video for reference.



Here is the cap lining machine reference video.This machine specifically for inserting foam liner into 5 gallon caps. Reference videos:

After checking the videos and specification of the two machine, customer decide to go ahead with TB-004 and TB-008 two machines.

Should you have any similar request just feel free to ask a quotation,we are professional in 5-gallon cap assembly machines.


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