Labeling solution for 55mm snap-on water bottle caps

Features of these caps:

Featuring a spill-stopping lid, these BPA-free caps ensure no splashes, leaks, or frustrating messes during water cooler jug changes. Ideal replacements for water jug lids at home or the workplace, they seamlessly fit various water jug dispensers.

Crafted as universal snap-on lids, Water Bargain’s single-use caps perfectly fit standard 55mm bottle openings. Effortlessly attach the cap and release the tab when you’re ready to quench your thirst. Versatile enough for 2, 3, 5, or 6-gallon jugs, these non-threaded caps offer convenience without compromise.

Upgrade your cap packaging machines with our 5-gallon cap labeling sealing machine ,cap ling machine which designed for hassle-free filling of 55mm water bottle openings.

Here you will find another customer from South Africa who interested in our cap labeling and lining machines:

Please can you quote me on your 5 gallon sticker machine. 4 head and 6 head


Answers to customer’s questions

Q:Does your machine use a servo motor To save energy ?

A:The servo motor not suitable for our machine, we use closed-loop stepper motor, which also save energy.

Q:Do you have a suction pump to transfer the caps ?How do you lift the caps s up and down ?

A:You pls check the video, we lift cap through cap elevator.


Q:Do you make other 5 gallon cap machine’s. To put the liner in the 5 gallon cap and the stopper in the 5 gallon cap?

 A:Certainly,except the cap labeling sealing machine,we also have cap lining machine and the cap inner plug inserting machine. Pls check the below two videos for reference.

3-5 gallon cap lining machine video


Gallon water bottle cap plug inserting machine video

Q:How to change the head part?Is there a screw in each one?

A:One screw in each one, normally take around 15 minutes to replace.Also a video to show the deatils.






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