New Arrival 5 Gallon Cap Packing Machine,Automatic Packed The Caps Into Carton

The 5 gallon cap packing machine is our new designed packing machine for the 5 gallon water bottle caps,it is designed to automatically sorting and feeding the caps into conveyor to packed into the cartons layer by layer.The layers can be adjust as per your request.

The packing speed can be reach to 10000 piece per hour.

Machine Specification:

Name New Arrival 5 Gallon Cap Packing Machine
Output 10000pcs/hour,100pcs/layer,the layers can be adjust
Power Supply AC 220V,Single pharse
Compressed Air Pressure 6~8kg/cm²
Touch Screen Weinview
Frequency Schneider
Stepping Motor Leadshine
Motor STS


Machine Video:

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