Automatic Labeling Machines VS Hand Labeling Machines

Automatic labeling machines have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to label products. However, there are still some companies that prefer to label their products by hand, and both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Wrap-around labeling machines have many advantages over manual labeling. They are faster, and produce a consistent amount of product, and can get the product labeled and to the customer speed. Labeling machines also produce more consistently, giving your product a professional, polished look.

However, wrap-around labeling machines may seem to have many advantages, but they may also damage your product if not handled properly. And labeling machines are also much more expensive than wrap-around labeling machines, so they have their pros and cons, we summarize the pros and cons of the two packaging machines to facilitate customers in making a choice that meets their needs when buying:

Automatic Labeling Machines Pros.

1. Fast

The biggest advantage of labeling machines is that they are much faster than hand labeling. If you have a large number of products to transport, a labeling machine can save you a lot of time and can complete a large amount of labeling work within the specified time, which can effectively help you increase production capacity, suitable for companies or factories with large scale.

2. Consistency

Automatic labeling machines will have more consistency than hand labeling. Each product looks the same, which can give your business a more professional appearance. Without each package being inconsistent and damaging consumer confidence in the professionalism of the brand.

3. Multi-function

Labeling machines are used in a wide range of scenarios, and they can be used to package a variety of products, including boxes, bottles, and cans. And the parameters can be adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes.

4. Fully automated

Most wrap-around labelers are automated, so you don’t have to stand there and operate them yourself. This frees you up to do other tasks. For cities where labor is expensive, using automated machinery and equipment can greatly save you money on labor costs and help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency.

5. Safety

Automatic wrap-around labelers are designed to be safe to use. It has safety features to prevent injuries to employees during the setting of parameters and it meets strict safety standards.

Automatic Labeling Machine Cons.

1. Expensive

Wrap-around labeling is expensive to purchase and operate. If you do not have a steady volume of orders, it may be difficult to recover the money invested into the equipment in the short term. Prices are not so friendly to small processing plants.

2. Possibility of damaging the product

If you are not familiar with how to use the label applicator machine, it may damage your products. Since a labeling machine work by constantly labeling to get the job done, too much parameter setting may cause too much labeling pressure and damage the product, so before you start using the machine, make sure you understand how the machine works and can set the parameters correctly, the recommendation is to set the parameters for sample packaging first, no problems before working in batches.

3. Maintenance required

Labelers require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating the parts. This may increase the cost of running the machine, though this is not a particularly big disadvantage compared to the labor costs saved.

4. There is the possibility of a breakdown

Labeler machines can also break down and are not easy to repair. So when choosing an automated labeling machine make sure to choose a reliable company with extensive after-sales experience, similar to a professional wrapping machine factory like Consung., Ltd.

Hand Labeling. Pros.

1. Lower cost

Hand packaging is less expensive both to purchase and to operate. You do not need to purchase large packaging equipment or pay for regular maintenance.

2. Easy to get started

Hand labeling is fairly easy to learn, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time training employees on how to use the equipment.

3. Versatile

Hand labeling can be used for various products, including boxes, bottles, and jars. And it can be adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes.

4. Safe

The hand labeler is safe to use and will not cause the possibility of injury to the operator.

Hand Labeler. Cons.

1. Slow speed

The biggest disadvantage of hand labeling is that it is much slower than an automatic labeling machine. If you have a lot of products to ship, it may take a long time to hand label them, and there is no way to guarantee the output because there are many uncontrollable factors once human labor is involved.

2. Less consistent

Hand labeling is less consistent than automatic label applicators, so your products may not have a professional, polished look. So it is more suitable for small brands that do not require as much professionalism or for brands that have just been established to save costs.

3. It is less automated

Manual labeling is usually a manual process, so you need someone to operate the equipment. This can increase labor costs.

So, which is better? Automatic labeling machine or hand labeling? The answer depends on your needs and the order volume of your plant.

If you have a large volume of products to label and you need them to finish quickly and in perfect condition, then an automatic labeler is the better choice. However, if you label for smaller quantities, have a limited budget, and don’t mind spending a little more time labeling for your products, then hand labeling may be the way to go.

Whether it’s an automatic labeling machine for hand labeling it’s what suits your needs that counts.

Consung Team


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