5 Gallon Cap Plug Stopper Assembly Machine


Machine Introduction:

1.This cap assembly machine is for automatic combine 5 gallon bottle cap and inner plug .

2. Structural Composition of the Machine:
-Vibrator bowl cap feeder—-sorting messy inner plugs in order and mouth downwards
-Centrifugal disc feeder—sorting messy outer caps in order and right orientation
-Main machine—assembly the 2 parts, detect the final products and reject the unqualified ones out from the good ones
-Way out conveyor—counting final products and discharge

3. The entire machine adopts PLC and touch screen/HMI control. The electrical control system adopts variable frequency control techniques, so it features random setting, wide applicable scope, simple operation, stable running, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance and strong durability.

4. The machine has the function of automatic detection of finished products, which guarantees the qualified rate of final products.

5.The machine meets all state Environmental safety, Machinery safety, Electrical safety standards. There are safe guard top covers, over load protection, Emergency pressing functions installed to protect operators.

6. Vibrator Cap feeders and belts connect with PLC panel under European standard. All the detective sensor cable is express change connect,which are easy to change in the future.

7. There is no damages to material during the processes in the machine, any wearing, scratches, pressing marks, greasy dirt or deformed caused by machine are deemed to be unqualified.

8. End product unloading and counting the quantity. You can preset the quantity of one batch, when the counting number reaches the setting number, the machine can stop running automatically. The quantity may reset as well.

Machine Specification:

Name 5 Gallon Cap Plug Stopper Assembly Machine
Model CS-PI01
Output 4000 pieces/hour
Cap type Gallon bottle caps
Voltage 220V
Machine dimension 2500×2300×1500mm
Weight 800kg

Machine Video:

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