Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machinery


Machine Introduction

1. One model is used for two purposes bottle body and cap labeling, saving the cost of sleeve labeling and equipment area, and improving production efficiency

2. High-performance imported servo motor for double-head sleeve labeling machine

3. Full cover stainless steel mainframe, the whole machine is waterproof and does not rust,

4. Adjustable cutter head, original rotary cutting, double-sided blade, long life.

5. With a compact body design, the sleeve labeling is more accurate, the operation is more stable, and the label is not missed or stuck.

6. The positioning ruler and bottle pressing mechanism are used, and the label position is more stable.

7. Widely used in the label sleeves of fruit juice, mineral water, beer, dairy products, condiments, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical products in the food and beverage industry.

8. Applicable bottle shapes: round, square, flat, curved, cup, cone, etc.

Technical Parameter

Model TB-D150 TB-D250
Speed 150BPM*2 (base on 500ml water bottle) 250BPM*2 (base on 500ml water bottle)
Bottle Diameter 28-125mm
Bottle Height 30-280mm
Label Material PVC, PET, OPS
Applicable Label Length 30-250mm
Applicable Label Thickness 0.027-0.13mm
Transparent Label Length More than 5mm
Inner Diameter of Roll Label Tube More than 101.6mm
Outer Diameter of Roll Label Tube ≤500mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ 1Phrase
Machine Size 3000*1200*2200mm

Product Video


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