Wrap Around Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine


Machine Introduction

1. The round bottle labeling machine is mainly used for automatic labeling of various cylindrical bottle products such as medicine, daily chemical industry, food and so on

2. The adjustable bottle dividing device is used with the high-precision and high-speed labeling device to adapt to the labeling of products in various sizes

3. The round bottle labeler equipment can be equipped with a ribbon coding and labeling machine, which can print the production date and batch number online, reducing the bottle packaging process and improving production efficiency

4. It has a wide range of applications, which can meet the full-circle labeling or half-circle labeling of round bottles, and the labeling switch between bottles is simple and easy to adjust

5. The quality of the labeling is excellent, and the elastic pressure-covering belt is adopted, the labeling is smooth and wrinkle-free, and the quality of the labeling is improved

6. Flexible application, bottle stand-up labeling, with automatic bottle separation function, can be produced by stand-alone or connected to the assembly line

7. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent missing stickers and label waste

8. The adjustment is simple, the labeling speed, conveying speed and bottle dividing speed can realize stepless speed regulation, which can be adjusted according to needs

Technical Parameter

Name Wrap Around Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine
Model BGJ-Y200
Labeling Precision ±1mm
Labeling Speed 20-200pieces per minute
Applicable Bottle Size 20≤Dia≤120mm,H≤150mm
Applicable Label Size 15≤W≤140mm,20≤L≤300mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ 1PH
Machine Size 2000mmx12000mmx1300mm
Weight 200KG

Product Video

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