Automatic Round Bottle Labeler Machine Adhesive Label Applicator


Machine Introduction

  1. It is a product suitable for round bottles. The material of this round bottle can be plastic or glass.
  2. The fixed-point positioning labeling machine in the round bottle labeling machine is suitable for conical bottles with taper, and it can also realize the functions of double labeling and single labeling.
  3.  It is suitable for fixed-point labeling of cylindrical objects such as glass bottles and plastic bottles.
  4. A printer or inkjet printer can be installed according to the needs of the product.
  5. It can be operated independently, or connected to convey.
  6. Automatically attach self-adhesive labels on the circumferential and conical surfaces of the product.
  7. Effectively reduce product costs, improve product logo aesthetics, and increase product competitiveness.

Technical Parameter

Name Automatic Round Bottle Labeler Machine
Model BGJ-Y200
Labeling Speed 30-45pieces/minute
Product Size Diameter 20-120mm, Height 40-200mm
Label Size L20-350mm W20-135mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ 1PH
Machine Size L2000*W900*H1400mm
Machine Weight Around 250KG

Product Video


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