Vacuum Doypack Pouch Feed and Labeling Machine


Machine Introduction

  1. The automatic labeling machine head is composed of label pulling, paper receiving, label feeding and other institutions, and it is the main components of the labeling mechanism.
  2.  The touch screen of the pouch labeling machine displays and adjusts all the information and content of the labeling part.
  3. Conveying mechanism make the pouch bag transport smoothly, complete the whole labeling, stainless steel material, the overall length is 1750MM.
  4. The labeling roller is made of sponge material, and the label is re-pressed twice to make the sticker more firm.
  5. The feeding platform is used to place the labeling products, and the paging mechanism separates the product sheets and completes the labeling in turn.
  6. The lifting mechanism of the host is used to adjust the upper and lower height of the labeling host, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to products of different heights.
  7. Suitable for electronic accessories, food, chemical, medical, electrical accessories, hardware, electromechanical, auto parts, printing and packaging industries

Technical Parameter

Name Vacuum Doypack Pouch Feed and Labelling Machine
Model BGJ-F300
Labeling Precision ±1mm
Label Size 10≤L≤80mm,10≤W≤80mm。
Pouch Bag Size L80-350mm,W80-300mm ,H0-2mm
Machine Size L1750*W580*H1450mm
Machine Weight Around 250kg

Product Video


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