Stand Up Pouch Labeler Machine


Machine Introduction

1. Paging mechanism to separate the stacks of products into single bag pouch or card sheets, which is convenient to complete the labeling action, and can be customized according to the longest product

2. The labeling head is made of aluminum alloy, and its function is to install all labeling devices. Including pull label, guide belt, paper supply, paper delivery and main machine lifting and other mechanisms

3. The touch screen is the main part of the labeling system and is connected to the PLC data inside the chassis. Its function is to control all labeling actions, including production output and labeling signals, etc.

4. The conveying mechanism is composed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, including the conveying belt, which is mainly used for the smooth transportation of products

5. The paper feeding mechanism is composed of plexiglass and other materials, used to place label materials

6. The back paper receiving mechanism is composed of plexiglass and other materials, and the label waste paper collection device

7. The label pulling mechanism is mainly composed of important accessories such as label pulling motor, label pulling driving wheel, embossed aluminum wheel, etc., which is the main core mechanism for the label to peel off the bottom paper.

Technical Parameter

Name Stand Up Pouch Labeler Machine
Model BGJ-F100
Power 0.6KW
Speed 20-80Pieces/minute
Labeling Precision ±1mm
Applicable Product Size L60-300mm W 60-280mm
Applicable Label Size L10-200mm W 10-135mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ 1PH
Machine Size L1500*W600*H850mm
Machine Weight Around 150KG

Product Video


Machine Size Drawing


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