Semi Automatic Flag Labeling Machine


Machine Introduction

1. The label supply mechanism is composed of the label supply plate and the label supply shaft, which are used to place the label material in rolls.

2. Labeling products are provided by customers, we customize according to customers’ products and labels.

3. The mold adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the position of the product mold, and it can be adjusted flexibly according to the labeling effect.

4. The adjustment mechanism of the flag labeling machine is used to adjust the front and rear position of the machine, that is, the front and rear effects of the fold.

5. The product clamping cylinder is to manually place the product on the fixture and then clamp the cylinder to clamp the product.

6. After the product is clamped by the upper and lower cylinders, the cylinder will automatically move up and down to complete the up and down labeling action.

7. Suction cup turntable mechanism After the suction cup sucks the label, the turntable rotates in place, and cooperates with the folding mechanism to fold the label in half to complete the labeling action.

8. The product fixture can be quickly switched according to the size and variety of the product.

9. The turntable moving cylinder moves the suction cup turntable to the labeling position.

10. The counter is used to display the current number of labels, which can be cleaned manually.

Technical Parameter

Name Semi Automatic Flag Labeling Machine
Model BGJ-C50
Labeling Precision ±1mm
Applicable Product Size Diameter 0-8mm
Applicable Label Size L40-130mm W8-20mm
Machine Size L750*W550*H800mm
Air Source 0.5-0.7Mpa
Machine Weight Around 70kg

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