Sleeve Labeling Machine

What is the Sleeve Labeling Machine?

Sleeve labeling machine is also called rotary sleeve labeling machine. This machine is a device that helps to automatically apply labels on different types of products and is very useful in various industries such as food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, etc. The sleeve labeling machine can be used for round and square containers such as bottles, cans, jars and barrels.

What is The Benefit of Sleeve Labeling Machine?

Some of the benefits include:

1. Increased Efficiency – Sleeve labeling machines can increase the efficiency of your labeling process. They can label products much faster than hand labeling.

2. Reduced Costs – Sleeve labeling machines can save you money on labor costs. They can also save you money on packaging costs.

3. Increased Accuracy – Sleeve labeling machines can increase the accuracy of your labels. This is especially important if you are labeling products that will be sold.

4. Increased Productivity – Sleeve labeling machines can increase the productivity of your business. They can label products much faster than hand labeling.

5. Flexibility – Sleeve labeling machines are very flexible. They can be used in a variety of industries and applications.

How Does the Sleeve Labeling Machine Work?

The sleeve labeling machine is operated by a control panel. The operator inputs the desired label size and type into the control panel. The machine then automatically adjusts the conveyor speed and label applicator settings to apply the labels onto the containers. The machine consists of three main parts: a conveyor system, a label applicator, and a container holding device.

The conveyor system transports containers through the machine. The label applicator applies labels onto the containers. The container holding device holds the containers in place while they are being labeled.

Why Choose Sleeve Labeling Machine

1. Wide application range, high efficiency and fast speed. It can be applied not only to objects of various shapes, but also to glass bottles and plastic bottles. It can also be applied to various bottle-type condiments, dairy products and other food industries.

2. It has the advantages of low working cost and simple replacement of packaging. It has the function of multiple bottles on one machine. No tools are required to change the mold. Standard sleeve labeling effect can be achieved with simple adjustments.

3. Good stability and long service life. The automatic sleeve labeling machine has strong stability, and most of them adopt synchronous design, which can achieve efficient and stable labeling effect. In addition, due to the unique closed design of the automatic sleeve labeling machine, the equipment system itself can be better maintained during efficient operation, thereby extending its service life.

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